Sunday, September 18, 2011

Show your Boho :) - MONDAY

Happy Monday Guys :)

Remember this little face?

Well Mary Kate Olsen is all grown up now, and she loves to dress like this.

I'm still a fan of hers, and cant get enough of her style. So I decided to use her for my Bohemian Feature. I know I do my  Afrocentric Wednesday. Well I want to give my other styles a day as well. :)

I dont want to leave this feature without a DIY. I love beanies. Really who doesnt? I want to post a tutorial I found so you can make one yourself. Know that you need to crotchet do a beanie. I personally havent taken it up YET! But I scanned the web to make sure I found a tutorial that was pretty easy looking. So here yah go...

Beanie ( CutoutandKeep) 
Hasta UNT

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  1. I just bought me a black beanie like the one pictured at Target for $9.99. Definitely a must have for the fall and winter months. I will be rocking mines this week with twist neatly tucked underneath.