Sunday, September 18, 2011



a blurry pic of casey wearing a bow

I'm joining in another Making the world Cuter link party, and I decided to do a bow for Casey's hair. Not that she has much to say in the matter right now, but she loves them. lol. She looks so cute in them, and people at Christian's school know her because of the bows she wears. So here is a simple and easy tutorial on how to make one.

I used a hot glue gun, old onsie material, scissors, a button and a rubber band and hair clip.

I didnt measure how much fabric I cut..estimated about nine inches. Then folded and hot glued down.

Folded and hold glued down once again.

The front view

The middle needs to be scrunched down, so I wrapped a rubber band around the middle.

I hot glued the barrette clip.

The the button on the front. Tah dah!

Sorry I dont have picture of her wearing it. She has wore it, I just didnt think to snap the evidence. But trust me, it looks cute on her. There are all sorts of bow tutorials out there. Here are a few.

Leather bow headband tutorial
Pinwheel Bow Make.  Make sure you hit next, to get the following step! 

Let me know if you like the bows. :) I dont do them for myself... just Casey. But I've seen grown women floss these. Alrighy you guys, Hasta UNT!

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