Monday, September 5, 2011

Random creative moments

Here are a few pics of my little ones. :) I just wanted to share something more personal with you guys. :)

 Here are a few pics of Casey aka The Princess. Seriously thats her nickname... And the little diva acts just like one too. The pretty flower she is wearing came from a contest I won at Live. Love. Craft.

The blogger ,Alyssa, is an awesome chick that loves to photograph and DIY. And quite frankly...she is pretty darn good at it. She is also one of my blogger buddies. Currently Alyssa is setting up her own Etsy Shop delicately named Little Lovely Things. Seriously guys, check her out!

This handsome fellow is my 4 year old son Christian. But I refer to him as CID, an abbreviation of his entire name, Christian Isaiah Davidson. Below are a few pictures I took during our "creative sessions". He was making an abstract painting... Seriously he told me that. I asked him what he was making for his wall of art. Thinking he would tell me an elaborate story detailing squiggles, "well this our house, and this is you and TBG etc" No he said, "Its abstract paint, mommy." All I could do was smile, to keep from laughing at his serious face. It was hilarious! Kids...


  1. Hey hun, didn't know you had your own blog! Very nice...I joined today. Beautiful Kids, I have 2 boys 5 and 8. :)

    LaChristin from DigitalCurls

  2. I love it when kids get creative. You might have a budding artist there. Your precious ones are adorable!

  3. Thanks.. I hope I rub off on them in some way. lol @ La Christin thanks for the follow, luv!

  4. Oh how I miss The Princess and CID! Such beautiful children- I love how you pour into them. You're a great mommy!