Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Afro-Indy Wish List....

Howdy yahll <--- just trying that out :)

I really want to share a few pieces with you all. Some things that I want to get in the near future. See I'm a big fan of handmade accessories. Not only are they one of a kind, but your usually get GREAT customer service from the owner/designer. They are ordinary people just trying to put a few more coins in their pockets. :) So check out what I'm currently drooling over. :)

Racheal Stewart! Need I say more?

brass cuffs!

cassette earrings!


 Natural Chic Jewelry! I want just about everything in this online boutique

Marrakesh Elephants

Woven tribal necklace

Medicine Woman earrings

I have loads more, but I dont want you guys to think I have a problem. :p Make sure you stop at these online shops and make a purchase... if your wallet can handle it. The only bad side about handmade accessories is the cost. I'm just being honest. I dont have the budget to buy everything on my WISH list. lol But I do plan to do it one day... tax season? lol

Okay Whatcha think?? And please hip  me onto other boutiques if you know some. :)

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