Who??? Me???

Hey so you want to know a little more about me? Well My name is India. (dont start singing India Airee's video... I love her but the jokes get old) I can go into depth about my life's story or I can give you random facts. Being the random person I am guess what I'm going to do??? WHO'S READY FOR SOME TRIVIA???

  • I am a devote Christian. No doubt about it, I know God has got it.
  • I'm a mother of two rugrats, Christian and Casey.
  • I am a military wife. Oh yeah I get to drool over a man in uniform 5 days a week. ;p
  • I am a naturalista, meaning I like it kinky... my hair that is. 
  • I'm a horrid procrastinator... Yes I would wear a shirt that says "procrastonators meet...tomorrow!" But I said, "Nah I'd get it later"...and before I knew it the store that sold them went out of business.  #truestory
  • I love snoopy. Not the peanuts, just the quirky little beagle.. I have tons of tshirts where Joe Cool graces my bosom. :)
  • I <3 vampires. Not the glitzy neutered crap where the vamp walks in the day time, and doesnt have fangs. (dont get me started) I go nutz over the "I dont drink...wine" vampires. The type that smiles in your face, only to be plotting your last breath in thier head. 
  • I cant get enough of Neyo. :)
  • I rather listen to Neo-soul  music all day every day. 

This is my family! We do go by these nicknames. :)