Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wilma jean's Give Away

Check out my girl Wilma Jean. She did a DIY feature, before. If you want to see it... click here. Any who the same brilliant design is up for a nice Christmas give away. So head on over to her blog and check it out. :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And a few more words from Naptural85

This isnt a DIY project exactly.. but its Afro-Indy chic none the less. Multi-purpose clothes is whats up. Plain and simple... Point Blank! Below is a video on how to sport your Maxi Dress during the cold season...

I already do this on the regular with peasant skirts, and graphic t-shirts. But she puts it so eloquently.

Do you wear your maxi dress in the winter? Have any other tips?

Hasta UNT!

Organic Grocery Shopping on a BUDGET!

I know this seems silly right? Organic and Budget being in the same sentence. Unless you are saying, "I cant go organic, because I'm on a budget." Organic food is expensive! I wish I could go Organic! I'm considering starting a stoop garden...

Any way, Naptural85 just posted her latest video with tips on how to do just that. Stay organic, on a a tight budget... AND $80 AT THAT!  Check it out.

I already round up my prices as I shop. And I try to keep coupons on me. (Budding coupon extremist) But I never stick to my list...EVER! She still has a cool video.

How do you shop, and what tips do you have that helps you stick to your budget???

Hasta UNT!

Biggest Loser Challenge - update

Hey guys!

I wanted to post a few thingy things. :)

This is my super healthy breakfast...that just may not be that healthy. Its oatmeal. :) I actually cant stand oatmeal, I just cant deal with the texture. But I've been building a tolerance to it.  I've learned a few things to get around the texture..

1) Go with Rolled Oats. A girlfriend of mine made me realized that the instant stuff is mushy..hence the disgusting texture.

2) Dont over cook it. Or just bake it. I have a few Daniel Fast recipes that made me start to change my mind about this breakfast grain.

3) MAKE IT CHUNKY! I have to add banana's, apples, dried fruit, brown sugar and granola to my oatmeal. Thats why its not as healthy as it probably should be. :) lol.

How do you guys fix your oatmeal?

Hasta UNT!

p.s. I'm making this for dinner. Its Potato Parmesan and Chive crusted Talapia. I'm going to eat a salad with mine, but fix twice baked potatoes for TBG.  Wish me luck..on not screwing it up. lol


Monday, November 21, 2011

Biggest Loser Challenge - update

Happy Monday,

I found my first official work out!

My mother introduced me to Leslie's workouts about a year ago. I've been hooked since. It's awesome cardio, and its easy to build up your stamina. She always starts off at a nice steady pace, introduces you to the basic moves you will do throughout the work out. Then you're off, moving to the beat.

I've read alot of reviews where people complained about her voice. I personally dont mind her. She keeps you going throughout the workout. Do you want her to be silent??? People just want something to complain about. But anyway, I zone out and my body just follows along. :)

I started to work out today...I only did one mile. Dont judge me. lol Its fall break and the kiddies are all over me. I just couldnt get into it. *shrugs* But I'ma keep at it.

So I now weigh about 158...I think I lost some water weight. My "aunt flo" just left and took all that bloating with her. So no real damage yet. :)

Hasta UNT

Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY chain jewelry!!!

Whats uppers Guys?

I'm popping in to share my latest explosion of brilliance! I came across a pair of upcycled earrings during a blog hop, and it all clicked. The earrings go great with a bracelet and necklace I've seen too. WHY NOT POST THEM AS A SET??  So here goes.

Source of creative madness!

Recycled genius this way!

Awesome tutorial here!

Here is the first jewelry set. :)  The pictures dont do justice.

Super unique


Alright. I really like the pieces in the second set, because they are more edgy. Either way, all of these pieces are so cute, easy, and cheap.  I personally follow Wobisobi, the creator of the upcycled earrings, and the choker. She has some really good pieces.  The others I've linked via Pinterest. But you should still look around their blogs, maybe snag a few other projects.

Let me know whatcha think!

Hasta UNT!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Love Destinee's give away

I just joined Love Destinee's give away. You should come on over and join too. Especially if you love ELF products! I just bought some products from her not to long ago. :) Be sure to hop on over, and check out her blog at least!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Another DIY inspiration bracelets

I might as well let you know whats been on my mind lately. :)

I follow Fotki of Style Pantry. I really like her bold style. I dont agree with everything she wears, but I support her enthusiasm and love her effortless flair. She really inspires my accessories. Matter of fact I posted her flossing her arm party on my chunky bracelet tutorial. And with out futher ado, here is another pic that has my mind reeling.



Here is what the the tutorial I found for the wrist bling.

They are a bunch or bracelet tutorials I found on Pinterest. The blog is The Hollie Rogue. Alot of pretty cool projects on there.  The link is direct. I hate clicking and clicking to get some where myself. 

So tell me whatcha think as usual. Make sure you look around Hollie's place. :)

Hasta UNT

Biggest Loser Challenge


dont mind Dory

"rapping" It's been a long time... *clears throat*

 Okay, I joined Briana the blogger of  TheManeSource in her challenge for weight loss.  It began last week and ends January 7 2012. Who ever losses the most weight wins $200 in cash and prizes.  No crash diets or things of the sort. Just healthier diets and regular exercise.

My plan? I really want to start yoga. For strength training... I'm not big on weights, or the gym. Crack it up to paranoia *shrugs* And for cardio i will be doing Leslie Sansone's walk at home dvds. They have helped me lose 10 pounds before (I was 160+) ... I want to see what she can do for me now.

I really want to lose 5 pounds, and see where this takes me. I'm actually comfortable at 150. The number looks bad, but I've had children. And I feel pretty proportioned. Yes I earned my belly and stretch marks. I also dress for my body type. You wont see me squeezing into hot pants and strutting around base. No Mame! I do love my body. But being a little healthier can only help.

Yep thats Dory

She is my son's chair. I'm 5'3". I'm short! lol

I know my blog is about DIY's. But Now I'm also going to update my wieght loss. Little things I run into that catches my eye that promotes health and things of that sort. But no doubt, I will keep up my DIY post.

Click the Here if you want to join the challenge. :)

Hasta UNT

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So yesturday was my little family's first halloween in our new home. I wanted to share a few pics with you guys. :)

TBG and The Princess

Marley Marley as the Paper Bag Princess

Our sorry attempt at a group picture... lol

The Princess' first costume run in of the day. lol

Casey as a Fair Princess

Cid as Spider man

Tampa's Naturally You!

Hey folks!

I'm just dropping in from being MIA. I wanted to let you know that the craft show with Naturally You, was a hit! Okay thats a bit of an overstatement. There were mostly vendors than anyone else, but I had fun all together. I sold a few things, and made about 20 bucks. I kept my price range under 5 bucks. :) Our last meet up for the year is this month, and I will be selling a few more things. The ladies liked my combs, and tshirt flower clips. So I guess I will be doing that.

Here are a few pics from last Saturday.

My table, but not a very good pic

This table had the room smelling GREAT!

Ms. Ashely Olds and her glass bead braclets

knit hair accessories... Cant wait to get some more

My girl Davita getting her table in order

Yanelle belly, looking lovely at her table

Much needed hair demos

Tanyale doing an earring demo

One of my happy customers! :)

Just a peek into my life. :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Button Head Band!

Another updated project.

The Inspiration. VIA
My Creation

I just picked some bright fall colors. Sewed them on a piece of felt. Then hotglued the ornament onto chocolate colored ribbon. This project is pretty old. I finally got around to wearing it, and taking pics last Sunday before church.

Whatcha think???

DIY Tshirt flower clip

Long time no see. :)
A bouquet of flowers I made

So you all know I like to make Casey little hair accessories. And a woman from my son's school asked me to make a batch for her. I remembered to take pictures, so i could share the process with you all. :)

First cut 8 circles out of some type of jersey cloth or tshirt.  The circles can be as small or large as you like. Mine were about 3 inches.

fold the circle in half
Then fold it into quaters. First fold the front then the back.

The petal will look like this when flat.

It will make an S shape.

Glue four petals around a base. Then layer with four more petals.

With the last petal. Roll it so it looks like a swirl. Cut the bottom, then hot glue in the middle.


Okay those instructions are really sucky. I'm rusty.. and I didnt think to take as many pictures. BUT!  HERE is the link for the  instructions I found. :) Just add them to a head band, or a clip.

Hasta UNT!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hey peeps!

I have recieved two awards. The first award was given to me by ELLE, her blog is DONT SMUDGE!!!!! I shouldve updated this along time ago. But things kinda got mixed up. She presented me with the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD!

I'm not a fashionista, just a chick on a budget. I totally clash with the other moms I'm surrounded by. I actually feel like I'm finally coming into my style too. Elle was a doll for awarding me with this. I feel special. (dramatically touching imagined tears)

Alrighty. On to the next.. Alyssa of Live.Love.Craft. just awarded me with the KREATIV BLOGGER award.

I'm so geeked (excited) that she thought of me. She actually helped me get my blog up and running, when I had no idea what to do with it.

Anywho this award has rules... (if you want to award someone you can. If i awarded you, this is what you need to do to pass it along)

1) Copy the award to your site.
2) Link the person that awarded you.
3)Nominate 7 other bloggers
4)Leave a message on the blogs you nominated

Alright! Alright! Alright! (loud Kevin Hart voice) lol The nominees are as follows.....

1) Renee of Glow Academy

You can always be uplifted in Christ on her blog. She prays, has a themed post that is dedicated for our sons, and husbands. I can go on and on. I simply <3 Renee!

2) LaChristin of Digital Curls

I always have to pop in on her day to day journal on her wieghtloss, and latest infatuations. I relate with her on so many levels. But I really love the fact that she EATS REAL FOOD but watches her portions while she maintains her health.

3) Jessica of Beyond Buckskin

Her blog captured me when she featured an American Indian from the Lumbee Tribe by the name of India. She was modeling with a crown of kinky coily curly hair that just wouldnt stop. I ran through Jessica's blog, and immediatly had to follow it. She post about all sorts of American Indian happenings. Especially the anti Columbus day, in which Dakota celebrates Native American Day. Loved it. Check her out.

4) Erica of  Recycled Fashion.

Its honestly self explainatory. Her site is all about getting something old, revamping it and making it all new. Until you destroy and recreate it again. :)

5) Zeldan + Festus 

I have yet to catch this young lady's name but her blog is fantastic. She has a normal woman's build, curves and all, and she can dress her back side off.  Rather its my taste or not, to me her outfits are never boring.

6) Laura and Tura of Tikitiboo + Ahka Vintage

These two are sisters. Sisters with a different taste in fashion. Its not boring, and pastel, and cookie cutter. They rock.

7) Michelle of A little tipsy

Have you seen my DIY under 5 button? You need to click on it. People link up on her page and share these cheap, wonderful projects. Cheap.. Wonderful.. Project. Need I say more???


Alright I know this post is super long. And there were plenty of other blogs, that i stalk religiously that couldve been up for nominations. But I could only pick 7! Give me a break please. Any who.... Check them out. If you are just now checking me out, enjoy my little corner of cyber space. Follow me. Comment please.

Okay Hasta UNT

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tribal Print Nails

Hey guys!

I was thinking about a nail print.... I like to do an accent nail on my little piggies. *wiggling toes* I've been doing the lepard and cheetah print thing. My girl Elle presented a tutorial here. She has a blog called Dont Smudge. Its all about nail polish, colors, patterens, yadda yadda. You get my drift. Any who I want something different.

Tribal prints are in. At least American Indian, and African prints are in. :) Here are a design ideas, I snagged from Google.

Arent they cute??? Totally chic. :)

Alright enough with the randomness...
Hasta UNT!