Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And a few more words from Naptural85

This isnt a DIY project exactly.. but its Afro-Indy chic none the less. Multi-purpose clothes is whats up. Plain and simple... Point Blank! Below is a video on how to sport your Maxi Dress during the cold season...

I already do this on the regular with peasant skirts, and graphic t-shirts. But she puts it so eloquently.

Do you wear your maxi dress in the winter? Have any other tips?

Hasta UNT!


  1. I agree! I'm a budgetnista(lol) and so pieces that can mix and matched is where its at. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. For this reason alone, I'm looking for a knit maxi dress! She is so creative that I am really inspired. (I will be subbing to her channel too) Btw, I found this idea you can use for storing your daughter's hair bows. I am on their email list:

  3. those are awesome tips!! who would of thought... a dress into a scarf! And it looked really good!

  4. NICE!!! I really love the hoodie scarf & regular scarf. Now to find a a maxi dress to try these out. lol Very creative. Thanks!