Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY chain jewelry!!!

Whats uppers Guys?

I'm popping in to share my latest explosion of brilliance! I came across a pair of upcycled earrings during a blog hop, and it all clicked. The earrings go great with a bracelet and necklace I've seen too. WHY NOT POST THEM AS A SET??  So here goes.

Source of creative madness!

Recycled genius this way!

Awesome tutorial here!

Here is the first jewelry set. :)  The pictures dont do justice.

Super unique


Alright. I really like the pieces in the second set, because they are more edgy. Either way, all of these pieces are so cute, easy, and cheap.  I personally follow Wobisobi, the creator of the upcycled earrings, and the choker. She has some really good pieces.  The others I've linked via Pinterest. But you should still look around their blogs, maybe snag a few other projects.

Let me know whatcha think!

Hasta UNT!


  1. Oh i love those...

  2. I love the choker...gorgeous! I found you on Glow Academy's blog. Renee listed you as one of her recipients for the Leibster Award.

    Read some of your post, liked them, and decided to follow you. Come check me out when you get a chance.

    Sonya M. Jones
    Tee-iabo Designs

  3. Sure enough Darl'n! Thanks for the follow. :)

  4. The bow ones? I think I have a tut on my blog i will look

  5. ah here ya go

  6. lol can you send me a pic Iv made like 30 bracelets lately

  7. Love the chunky necklace in pic #1