Monday, November 14, 2011

Another DIY inspiration bracelets

I might as well let you know whats been on my mind lately. :)

I follow Fotki of Style Pantry. I really like her bold style. I dont agree with everything she wears, but I support her enthusiasm and love her effortless flair. She really inspires my accessories. Matter of fact I posted her flossing her arm party on my chunky bracelet tutorial. And with out futher ado, here is another pic that has my mind reeling.



Here is what the the tutorial I found for the wrist bling.

They are a bunch or bracelet tutorials I found on Pinterest. The blog is The Hollie Rogue. Alot of pretty cool projects on there.  The link is direct. I hate clicking and clicking to get some where myself. 

So tell me whatcha think as usual. Make sure you look around Hollie's place. :)

Hasta UNT


  1. Nice! I love Folake's style. She rocks everything with such confidence. Oh and that "hair" is gorgeous! I need to get some bracelets asap. :)

  2. thanks for featuring my tutorial. hope it was helpful!

  3. LaChristian, Ikr!! And Yes Mame i certainly did find it helpful. Great site!