Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Your Africa is Showing - Wednesday

HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got your attention???? LOL

Okay I notice a fun thing while blurfing... link parties. For you that do not know, a link party is a themed post that readers can participate in. Other than commenting, you link your post with the same theme by clicking the link (the frog at the bottom) below. By participating you get a bit more traffic on your blog too. So its a win win situation.

I really want to get more involvement with my lovely readers. You guys are awesome. Rather you comment or not (cough..Tiffany..cough) I really appreciate the support. But I gotta be honest, I really like to see some more input. I already follow a few link parties by spectating, but now I'm getting my hands dirty.  So here goes!


This Link party is just a show and tell of an Afrocentric pic you've ran across that you want to share. :) Either it's an outfit that's given you some mad inspiration to go shopping, or a tribal picture. As long as its "african inspired" hence the title. :) That should be pretty simple right? Make a post on your page with this title, and explain your picture. And make sure you mention the link party to your readers, so they can come over and link up too. :)  

Here is my show and tell

These are two Ghanian women. I really like this picture. As you all know I'm a natural, so of course the first thing I noticed were their updo's.  Then I started check out their hair accessories and jewelry... so yes I'm putting that necklace on my todo list.  Besides looking regal, I love the throw back picture. And as I look at it.... I believe its the same person. LMBO I'm not even going to edit this. I nabbed the pic off of my Pinterest account and had to share it with you all. 

Now its your turn! Make a YOUR AFRICA IS SHOWING-WEDNESDAY  post on your blog. Link it below (just follow their really simple instructions) and now we have a linking party!!! I really cant wait to see this turn out! :) I will be closing the link Thursday morning. :)

Hasta UNT

Afro-Indy 101

Hey Hey Hey Now!

I've been over here scratching my head on  my next post. I've already declared in no way am I  a professional or a fashionista. I love the ethnic and urban feel of these styles I present. They are both liberating and easy on the pockets. So you gotta know that this blog is just much of a learning experience for me as it is for you. Afro-Indy 101 sessions are all about tips. Afrocentric, Bohemian and Indie styles that I've run across and want to share with you. Its nothing like learning something new every day, am I right? Right!

Any who I saw this video on youtube. The vlogger's names is Keythema. She is so cute and cheery. lol In this video, she shows us how her favorite afrocentric outfit. And I must say its pretty nifty. Check it out!

As usual let me know whatcha think. :)

Hasta UNT!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tampa's Naturally You!

Hey Hey Hey now!

I wanted to pop in to blab about my weekend a bit. As you know I'm a natural, and I like to keep  it kinky. ;) Well I'm an event coordinator for a natural hair social group, Naturally You. Yes I do things besides run after kids, and blurf! (blog surf) 

Any who we had a meet up yesturday. Where we had an Ayurveda 101.  We learned about the most beneficial hair oils for your particular hair and body type through this 5000 year old scientific system of natural medicine. It was an eye opener really. Your tongue and nails will tell so much about your health. Crazy right? Did you know that not every one's tongue is pink? Fooled me. 

Then we had a "Keeping it Real" discussion about sulfates and silicones. We literally sat in a semi circle, and cackled about the woes of our experiences with this stuff. We laughed and nodded with each confession. It didnt get any better than that.

Oh wait, yes it did. :) We also had a PRODUCT SWAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every one goes through a product junkie period. Deny it if you want, but ignorance isnt always bliss and it can take chunks out of your wallet. One thing us natural's have in common is that trail and error period, where we buy stuff because we see that it worked wonders for some one else, only to buy it and find out it isnt doing ANYTHING for us. :(  Well this is where the product swap comes in. We bring in the goodies we no longer use, or want, and swap them for things we want to try next.  It went very well if I say so myself....and I do. We even had some products left over (alot of Motions) which were dontated to a women's shelter. :) 

Here are just a few pics from the meet up. 

The first three pics are of just a few ladies during the "Keeping it real" discussion.

This is a really bad shadowing picture of my daughter Casey and another baby named Kennedy. These two ladies are our future Curl Girls.

The focus is on Andrea, Naturally you's founder. She is the best.

Me and Davita. Two of the Three event coordinators.

This is what I got out of the swap... pretty awesome right?

Do you want more info about Naturally You??? A wonderful network of women that promotes health from head to toe? Well here are a few links. 

Meet up page : Tampa-Area-Naturally-You/ 
Facebook page:  Naturally-You
And as usual contact me if you want any questions AT ALL!!! 

Hasta UNT :)  

Friday, August 26, 2011

Urbane Natural: Black Women With Style: India

Hey hey now!!!!

I wanted to let you lovlies know I was featured on Urbane Natural today. :) Complete shock that my feature came up so early, but I'm so happy... yes this made my day. I was a little down today. :( Life and all that jazz. Yes I'm rambling and I can, because its my blog! :P ANY WHO..... check it out! 

Urbane Natural: Black Women With Style: India: Q: What made you decide to create a DIY blog? A: Well…. I’ll try to shorten the story. I never could find tutorials on Afrocentric styles....

 And as usual

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (electric company)

So I dont have any DIY's today, but I've been thinking of some things I do want to share with you all. I've been running across some great pics of things I just gotta try. So this post will be pics, me explaining what I see and believe I can do. You job is to tell me whatcha think. Deal? Deal! :)

I really really like her cuff. As soon as I saw it, I started thinking of ways to make one myself.

So I have a thing for jean jacket vest. After hitting up my bff (google) I saw that it was all the rage last year. :( Oh well I always do my own thing and I thought the jacket above seemed pretty easy to do. You could nix the chains and wear a crochet back tank top under it for a diffent look. 

I'm in complete infatuation with her whole entire look! I see this as a fall outfit as well. I can totally make the skirt, and pair it with a fitted long sleeve. Her accessories are simple too.

So I keep running into cropped pants. Who doesn't know how to do that? Well I wont name names, but I'm doing a tutorial on some cropped pant looks. I like her over sized belt and draped shirt too. 

Yes I really like these pants. There is a tutorial for them HERE. As long as the fabric is a nice stretchy, shiney and metallic I bet the pants can be pulled off with any outfit. I just have to make these myself.

I really like this pendent. I don't know how to create metal pieces for cheap... or where to begin, so I'm thinking of an alternative to make this piece. 
I dare some one to tell me that they dont like this skirt. I really like the fabric, and the high waist detail is to much. My mind is being flooded with ideas. I cant wait to get my sewing machine running.

Of course I have more inspirations, but I think this will do for today. As usual I would LOVE to hear from you. :)

Hasta UNT

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DIY Seed Bead Hoops

Good Morning Everyone!

I want to bring an original tutorial to the table today. They are very easy seed bead hoops. I love hoops with a passion. They can pull together a very simple look. I have a few versions.

  • All you need are a pair of  hoop earrings, the bigger the better. I purchased a pack from Tar-jey. (target)
  • You will need some jewelry wire purchased at any craft store.
  • And of course some seed beads. 

  • For large hoops, you will need to cut about 3ft of wire. 
  • After you cut your wire, take it around the hoop behind the clasp. As you wrap it, push it together firmly to form a tight coil. You dont want it to move.
  • Then bead the string and start to wrap.

  • Continue to bead and wrap the hoop until you get to the end of the hoop. You will then coil the wire alone like you did at the beginning.  Make sure its tight.

Here is the result.

 I also made another version. 

 Its very simple.
  • Once your wrapping has come to the center of the hoop, slide the large bead onto the hoop.
  • Then thread the wire through the hole where you slide the hoop through the bead.
  • Continue to bead and wrap it around the hoop.

Now I liked the original hoops, but I wanted to do a bit more to it. Since I always wanted some African earrings, I decided to make my own.

  • To prepare for the center piece, I traced the continent and glued the paper to cardboard, so it wouldn't be flimsy. 
  • I traced the shape onto left over foam paper, then cut. (my kids use foam paper.. I knew they wouldnt notice :)..
  • To make the holes for my wire, I just used pins. But you can use the back of earring post, or needles... what ever gets the job done.
  • I placed the cut out in the middle of my hoop to see how I wanted the shape centered.
  • I continued to coil, bead and wrap as usual, only this time I would thread the wire through the cut out when a hole came up.

  I like this version alot better than the original. :)

I hope this tutorial is simple. :) If not let me know who I couldve explained it differently, or if you dont understand something. And which one do you like better?

Have a great day everyone.
Hasta UNT!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Afro-Indy 101


 Hey hey hey now! 

So I was over at BLACKNAPS the other day and I ran across this article called The Black Girl's Guide to Wearing Indie Fashions. I know that not all my readers are Black, but I had to share it with you. Rather you are white, yellow, brown or albino you can use a few tips from this post. 

Since their article gives us so many tidbits about how to dress Indie, I had to make it an Afro-Indy session. Here are some highlighted things you cant help but pick up and put into your repertoire. :)
  1. Indie isnt about trending. Its about expression, and being unique.
  2. Dont get Indie mixed up with being boho! While they do have similarities as far being thrifty and earthy. Indie is all about one of a kind looks.
  3. 50's-80's vintage will always pull you in the right direction.
  4. Fall is coming, socks, stockings, and kneed highs should be paired with dresses and skirts.
  5. Blend Blend Blend! Indie isnt matchy matchy. You should blend your layers of fabrics with metallic accents.
  6. And if nothing else, spark your fit with some original foot wear. :)

 Well those are just a few things.  :) I'm totally doing an Indie look the next date night with TBG. And I'll make sure I'm going about it the right way because I can tend to be pretty matchy matchy. I will unleash the Indie in me. Make sure you pop over and give BlackNaps a peek and let me know if you learned something too.! :) (learn something new each day)
Thank you Curly Ladies of BlackNaps. :)

Hasta UNT

Afro-Indy 101

3 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Afrocentric

Hey Hey Hey Now!

I want to share these videos I ran across on Youtube.com :) The youtuber's name is TonyaTKO and she promotes healthy living. She has a butt load of  followers including a twitter and facebook account where you can keep up with her latest advice, or just interact with her.
These videos are bit old, but they did open my eyes. She talks about wearing your African pride through your everyday clothing. The first video is a tutorial on turning a plain oversize t-shirt to a wrap around tube top. The second is wearing a scarf as a turban and the third video is about blinging it all out with some chunky jewelry. Of course I've taken some pointers. My favorite is the t-shirt! :P As usual let me know what you think. :)
She's great right? Check out her Facebook, Youtube and twitter to see what she has been up to lately. :) 

Friday, August 19, 2011


Hey Hey Now!

I was just thinking of something... Ponchos. They are going to make a come back. I was putting two and two together with how its so trendy to be tribal lately. So what did I do? I looked up my BFF (google) and sure enough Ponchos are in! Fall 2011 here they come.

I know you are asking yourself why am I posting this. BECAUSE I FOUND A D.I.Y. SILLY!!!! Its still summer. And where I live its not going to cool off for a little while, so I will be making one down the line. I just wanted to let you know that I'm a genius! Or..... I saw one, and it subliminally stuck with me until now when it resurfaced to my conscious. :) Either way I'm excited! 

Hasta UNT

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hey Hey Now!

So Color Blocking is in. And even though I'm not a "Fashionista" when I saw this really cheap and simple DIY I had to share it with you guys!

Ever made those lanyard chains growing up? Well I know I did. I ran across this tutorial at bromeliadliving. All you need is a lighter to burn the ends, some scissors and poly rope for $1 at the Dollar Tree (where everything is a dollar). You can make about three bracelets out of one bunch and they have assortated colors. You gotta love it.

I did the regular box stitch and the cross stitch. You cant tell either way once they wrap around your wrist but you should still play around with it. I'm also playing with colors on my down time.  If this TUTORIAL still doesnt get it for you... here is a youtube video I found. But you do want to follow the original closing instructions.  

I hope this helps. I really would like some feed back on how I'm helping you. :)

Hasta UNT

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Afro-Indy 101

Hey hey now!
I want to encourage people to express their individuality, their independence by showing them how to revamp items to suite their own style.  My specific sense of style *and in no way am I a fashionista* is afrocentricity and Indie chic with a splash of bohemian flare.  Not everyone knows what this means.  So I’m going to start AFRO-INDY 101 sessions.  :) Knowledge is power people, know what you are representing.
First  things first  DEFINITION!


Afrocentric  - emphasizing or promoting emphasis on African culture and the contributions of Africans to the development of Western civilization
No motherland roots? No problem! You just may enjoy the colorful patterns, or the chunky beaded jewelry, and that’s fine.

Indie Style

Indie – Independent style,  a term used to describe independence from major commercial labels, a  Do-It-Yourself approach  

Sometimes you just don’t want to wear whats “IN”. Maybe you just made the baddest belt out of buttons you’ve collected for a while, but the style is faux snake skin waist wrappers. Throw that trend to the wind and rock those buttons!

Boho Chic


Boho- Bohemian,  a style of female fashion  drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences

Ready for a date night, but not into anything clingy? Get the gypsy look. Slip on a flattering peasent top, slide on a gang of bangles, bracelets and cuffs.  Boho is all about light layers and nifty accessories. 

See people, its really simple. :) As usual I'd love to hear your feed back. Is your style definition of these three? If not what is your style? 

Hasta UNT

DIY Rope Bracelets

HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

Okay so I created this bracelet inspired by a tutorial I found on Sew Craft Create . :) My versions looks a bit different though, lol. I used the same technique BUT I didnt use buttons I used a different color fabric to cover the frayed ends and added chains. On an even happier note, I shot these with my phone camera. My phone has a better pixal quality I guess. Its not that much better, but I'm getting there. (shrugs) SOOOOOOO let me know what you think, I thrive off of feed back. :)

Want to make your own? Here is the link. I'm also setting up a tab where I'm going to feature your versions of the tutorials I find. :) They can be prissy and pastel, funky and chunky or just plain simple. I dont mind it, I do want to see your style though. :)  Make sure you contact me if you want me to post your version. :)

Hasta UNT

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DIY Plastic Bottle Cuffs

Hey Guys!!!!!!! So I finally took pics of the cuffs I made. They are made with left over water bottles, then covered in fabric. Easy peasy, right? Right! I really like them. I plan to make a few more too. (Can we say giveaway soon?) Erica of Recycled-Fashion has an awesome tutorial on these bracelets. She said it was okay to link the page, so here are the instructions. :)  Cuff tutorial

I decorated mine with feathers, buttons, and a chain I had lying around. I also folded the opening inward then hotglued it together. :) I also hot-glued my knick knacks. Tell me what you think! :)

(I also want to apologize for my picture quality in advance. :( I know it sucks, my camera is ancient. I'd love some tips. Thanks guys)

Comment Comment Comment. I'd love to know what you think. Another version is coming Manana ! :)

Hasta UNT!