Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DIY Seed Bead Hoops

Good Morning Everyone!

I want to bring an original tutorial to the table today. They are very easy seed bead hoops. I love hoops with a passion. They can pull together a very simple look. I have a few versions.

  • All you need are a pair of  hoop earrings, the bigger the better. I purchased a pack from Tar-jey. (target)
  • You will need some jewelry wire purchased at any craft store.
  • And of course some seed beads. 

  • For large hoops, you will need to cut about 3ft of wire. 
  • After you cut your wire, take it around the hoop behind the clasp. As you wrap it, push it together firmly to form a tight coil. You dont want it to move.
  • Then bead the string and start to wrap.

  • Continue to bead and wrap the hoop until you get to the end of the hoop. You will then coil the wire alone like you did at the beginning.  Make sure its tight.

Here is the result.

 I also made another version. 

 Its very simple.
  • Once your wrapping has come to the center of the hoop, slide the large bead onto the hoop.
  • Then thread the wire through the hole where you slide the hoop through the bead.
  • Continue to bead and wrap it around the hoop.

Now I liked the original hoops, but I wanted to do a bit more to it. Since I always wanted some African earrings, I decided to make my own.

  • To prepare for the center piece, I traced the continent and glued the paper to cardboard, so it wouldn't be flimsy. 
  • I traced the shape onto left over foam paper, then cut. (my kids use foam paper.. I knew they wouldnt notice :)..
  • To make the holes for my wire, I just used pins. But you can use the back of earring post, or needles... what ever gets the job done.
  • I placed the cut out in the middle of my hoop to see how I wanted the shape centered.
  • I continued to coil, bead and wrap as usual, only this time I would thread the wire through the cut out when a hole came up.

  I like this version alot better than the original. :)

I hope this tutorial is simple. :) If not let me know who I couldve explained it differently, or if you dont understand something. And which one do you like better?

Have a great day everyone.
Hasta UNT!


  1. Oi, look at you! Such great work, keep it up! I think there were some beads somewhere... *starts rummaging around* ;o) thanks for joining the world blog hop!

  2. OH I love those :)