Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY Rope Bracelets

HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

Okay so I created this bracelet inspired by a tutorial I found on Sew Craft Create . :) My versions looks a bit different though, lol. I used the same technique BUT I didnt use buttons I used a different color fabric to cover the frayed ends and added chains. On an even happier note, I shot these with my phone camera. My phone has a better pixal quality I guess. Its not that much better, but I'm getting there. (shrugs) SOOOOOOO let me know what you think, I thrive off of feed back. :)

Want to make your own? Here is the link. I'm also setting up a tab where I'm going to feature your versions of the tutorials I find. :) They can be prissy and pastel, funky and chunky or just plain simple. I dont mind it, I do want to see your style though. :)  Make sure you contact me if you want me to post your version. :)

Hasta UNT

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