Sunday, August 21, 2011

Afro-Indy 101

3 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Afrocentric

Hey Hey Hey Now!

I want to share these videos I ran across on :) The youtuber's name is TonyaTKO and she promotes healthy living. She has a butt load of  followers including a twitter and facebook account where you can keep up with her latest advice, or just interact with her.
These videos are bit old, but they did open my eyes. She talks about wearing your African pride through your everyday clothing. The first video is a tutorial on turning a plain oversize t-shirt to a wrap around tube top. The second is wearing a scarf as a turban and the third video is about blinging it all out with some chunky jewelry. Of course I've taken some pointers. My favorite is the t-shirt! :P As usual let me know what you think. :)
She's great right? Check out her Facebook, Youtube and twitter to see what she has been up to lately. :) 

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