Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tampa's Naturally You!

Hey Hey Hey now!

I wanted to pop in to blab about my weekend a bit. As you know I'm a natural, and I like to keep  it kinky. ;) Well I'm an event coordinator for a natural hair social group, Naturally You. Yes I do things besides run after kids, and blurf! (blog surf) 

Any who we had a meet up yesturday. Where we had an Ayurveda 101.  We learned about the most beneficial hair oils for your particular hair and body type through this 5000 year old scientific system of natural medicine. It was an eye opener really. Your tongue and nails will tell so much about your health. Crazy right? Did you know that not every one's tongue is pink? Fooled me. 

Then we had a "Keeping it Real" discussion about sulfates and silicones. We literally sat in a semi circle, and cackled about the woes of our experiences with this stuff. We laughed and nodded with each confession. It didnt get any better than that.

Oh wait, yes it did. :) We also had a PRODUCT SWAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every one goes through a product junkie period. Deny it if you want, but ignorance isnt always bliss and it can take chunks out of your wallet. One thing us natural's have in common is that trail and error period, where we buy stuff because we see that it worked wonders for some one else, only to buy it and find out it isnt doing ANYTHING for us. :(  Well this is where the product swap comes in. We bring in the goodies we no longer use, or want, and swap them for things we want to try next.  It went very well if I say so myself....and I do. We even had some products left over (alot of Motions) which were dontated to a women's shelter. :) 

Here are just a few pics from the meet up. 

The first three pics are of just a few ladies during the "Keeping it real" discussion.

This is a really bad shadowing picture of my daughter Casey and another baby named Kennedy. These two ladies are our future Curl Girls.

The focus is on Andrea, Naturally you's founder. She is the best.

Me and Davita. Two of the Three event coordinators.

This is what I got out of the swap... pretty awesome right?

Do you want more info about Naturally You??? A wonderful network of women that promotes health from head to toe? Well here are a few links. 

Meet up page : Tampa-Area-Naturally-You/ 
Facebook page:  Naturally-You
And as usual contact me if you want any questions AT ALL!!! 

Hasta UNT :)  


  1. Hey Gurrrlll,

    I love your blog.... this is so up my alley. I love the title. Over the weekend (while Irene was visting), I was looking at a girl on the tube and I said that I liked her "style". She has that afro-centric vibe about her. And here you found me & I found your blog that has that kinda flare. Thanks for subbing.... I will be checking out the post you did about releasing your inner afro-centric beauty (I hope that's the correct title). Thanks again....

  2. Love it! Looks like you all had so much fun!! Please share the info!