Thursday, August 11, 2011

Until next time

Hey! I'm currently in the works for some accessories. I really cant decide on what to do first. I dont want one big post full of different tutorials.. I need to space it out a bit, right? Right, so I'm in favor for some bracelets. Who doesnt like a little eye candy on thier wrist? I'll keep it simple, and make sure you'd most likely have the materials around the house. But if not, it wont break the bank.

Soooooooo, I will be posting soon. My daughter is turning the big ONE on the 15th, and in that case my post most likely wont be present until Tuesday. No worries though. I will make sure no one is disappointed. :)

Hasta UNT (until next time)
<3 MrsWardy88 <3

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  1. I'd make the background not black and the words not pink.... it looks a little unprofesh. Do you think you can figure it out or would you like me to change it up a bit? Oh, did you figure out how to get stuff in the sidebar? I can do it for you and show you :) Also you should turn CAPTCHA off.