Wednesday, August 24, 2011


HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (electric company)

So I dont have any DIY's today, but I've been thinking of some things I do want to share with you all. I've been running across some great pics of things I just gotta try. So this post will be pics, me explaining what I see and believe I can do. You job is to tell me whatcha think. Deal? Deal! :)

I really really like her cuff. As soon as I saw it, I started thinking of ways to make one myself.

So I have a thing for jean jacket vest. After hitting up my bff (google) I saw that it was all the rage last year. :( Oh well I always do my own thing and I thought the jacket above seemed pretty easy to do. You could nix the chains and wear a crochet back tank top under it for a diffent look. 

I'm in complete infatuation with her whole entire look! I see this as a fall outfit as well. I can totally make the skirt, and pair it with a fitted long sleeve. Her accessories are simple too.

So I keep running into cropped pants. Who doesn't know how to do that? Well I wont name names, but I'm doing a tutorial on some cropped pant looks. I like her over sized belt and draped shirt too. 

Yes I really like these pants. There is a tutorial for them HERE. As long as the fabric is a nice stretchy, shiney and metallic I bet the pants can be pulled off with any outfit. I just have to make these myself.

I really like this pendent. I don't know how to create metal pieces for cheap... or where to begin, so I'm thinking of an alternative to make this piece. 
I dare some one to tell me that they dont like this skirt. I really like the fabric, and the high waist detail is to much. My mind is being flooded with ideas. I cant wait to get my sewing machine running.

Of course I have more inspirations, but I think this will do for today. As usual I would LOVE to hear from you. :)

Hasta UNT


  1. The cuffs, hmm maybe a very thin sheet metal,and a rubber hammer :)
    Looooooobe the 3rd pic :)

  2. *Love oof my spelling lol

  3. Sure :) snag it I don't mind :)
    Hope you have a Super Day :)