Sunday, August 21, 2011

Afro-Indy 101


 Hey hey hey now! 

So I was over at BLACKNAPS the other day and I ran across this article called The Black Girl's Guide to Wearing Indie Fashions. I know that not all my readers are Black, but I had to share it with you. Rather you are white, yellow, brown or albino you can use a few tips from this post. 

Since their article gives us so many tidbits about how to dress Indie, I had to make it an Afro-Indy session. Here are some highlighted things you cant help but pick up and put into your repertoire. :)
  1. Indie isnt about trending. Its about expression, and being unique.
  2. Dont get Indie mixed up with being boho! While they do have similarities as far being thrifty and earthy. Indie is all about one of a kind looks.
  3. 50's-80's vintage will always pull you in the right direction.
  4. Fall is coming, socks, stockings, and kneed highs should be paired with dresses and skirts.
  5. Blend Blend Blend! Indie isnt matchy matchy. You should blend your layers of fabrics with metallic accents.
  6. And if nothing else, spark your fit with some original foot wear. :)

 Well those are just a few things.  :) I'm totally doing an Indie look the next date night with TBG. And I'll make sure I'm going about it the right way because I can tend to be pretty matchy matchy. I will unleash the Indie in me. Make sure you pop over and give BlackNaps a peek and let me know if you learned something too.! :) (learn something new each day)
Thank you Curly Ladies of BlackNaps. :)

Hasta UNT