Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Your Africa is Showing - Wednesday

HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got your attention???? LOL

Okay I notice a fun thing while blurfing... link parties. For you that do not know, a link party is a themed post that readers can participate in. Other than commenting, you link your post with the same theme by clicking the link (the frog at the bottom) below. By participating you get a bit more traffic on your blog too. So its a win win situation.

I really want to get more involvement with my lovely readers. You guys are awesome. Rather you comment or not (cough..Tiffany..cough) I really appreciate the support. But I gotta be honest, I really like to see some more input. I already follow a few link parties by spectating, but now I'm getting my hands dirty.  So here goes!


This Link party is just a show and tell of an Afrocentric pic you've ran across that you want to share. :) Either it's an outfit that's given you some mad inspiration to go shopping, or a tribal picture. As long as its "african inspired" hence the title. :) That should be pretty simple right? Make a post on your page with this title, and explain your picture. And make sure you mention the link party to your readers, so they can come over and link up too. :)  

Here is my show and tell

These are two Ghanian women. I really like this picture. As you all know I'm a natural, so of course the first thing I noticed were their updo's.  Then I started check out their hair accessories and jewelry... so yes I'm putting that necklace on my todo list.  Besides looking regal, I love the throw back picture. And as I look at it.... I believe its the same person. LMBO I'm not even going to edit this. I nabbed the pic off of my Pinterest account and had to share it with you all. 

Now its your turn! Make a YOUR AFRICA IS SHOWING-WEDNESDAY  post on your blog. Link it below (just follow their really simple instructions) and now we have a linking party!!! I really cant wait to see this turn out! :) I will be closing the link Thursday morning. :)

Hasta UNT

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