Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Afro-Indy 101

Hey Hey Hey Now!

I've been over here scratching my head on  my next post. I've already declared in no way am I  a professional or a fashionista. I love the ethnic and urban feel of these styles I present. They are both liberating and easy on the pockets. So you gotta know that this blog is just much of a learning experience for me as it is for you. Afro-Indy 101 sessions are all about tips. Afrocentric, Bohemian and Indie styles that I've run across and want to share with you. Its nothing like learning something new every day, am I right? Right!

Any who I saw this video on youtube. The vlogger's names is Keythema. She is so cute and cheery. lol In this video, she shows us how her favorite afrocentric outfit. And I must say its pretty nifty. Check it out!

As usual let me know whatcha think. :)

Hasta UNT!


  1. I am SOOOO making that shirt this weekend!!!

  2. OMG! You have THE cutest blogspot EVER! I love it :)