Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY chunky bracelet

Hey Guys...

my inspiration :)

I've been skipping out on the DIYs... not because I havent been doing them, but because I havent been noting what I'm doing... AS I'm doing it. :) So here is the awaited bracelet tutorial. :)

I got the steps from HERE.
But this is what I did:

Need: Scissors, 9inches of stretchy string,  and assorted beads

Thread the beads until you use up most of the string. Wrap it around your wrist as you go, so you make the right size.

At the end, tie it like you would a ballon.

finished product. :)

I bought my beads from Wally-World (walmart). It was $9 for a box of glass beads, and it makes 20 bracelets. :)

I have added to my collection since this picture. :) This is pretty darn easy. You guys should try it! Very Boho-chic in my opinion.
Hasta UNT


  1. Love your bracelets :)

  2. Thank you very much! I think they are called budgies or lovebirds lol

    that is a great inspiration picture! & your collection picture; love it!
    thanks for sharing (:

  3. So pretty! I love these sort of bracelets!