Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Disclaimer

So I've been in a rut lately... as you can see with the lack of post. I couldn't get anything done, and I've been feeling really crappy about it.  See when I share a project with you guys, I always want to try it out myself, and put my own little spin on it. But if I honestly did that I wouldnt get anything done. My school work, housework, the kids,  and even TBG  would all be victims of my hobbies. So what I'm going to start doing is just share the tutorials with you guys. ;)  And when I can squeeze in my own versions, and original DIY projects. Cool beans? Cool beans!

I miss this little guy :)


  1. Hey lady, I understand! I'm a SAHM and my youngest just started Kindergarten. Blogging is a full time job! Especially if you care what you blog about. I didn't post as much as I do usually this week, but when I do I try to make sure I put some thought into it. I had a really busy week! You can literally be on the computer for hours and feel like you haven't gotten anything accomplished. I'm trying to figure out a balance between all things. :)

    Oh yeah, I did a breakfast post in reference to you not really liking eggs. Make sure you check it out...

  2. OMG I was feeling the same way last week! I was completely blah....then I realized that we were in a new moon. Whenever the moon is full or new it definitely has an effect. Almost everyone I talked to was feeling the same way. I'm just getting my bearings back. Not to mention it's turning into fall, and nature says hibernate.