Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lets give it up-thursday

Hey Guys!

gotta love Picnik

Like my turban???? Well I want to introduce you to the lady who shot me the instructions! Her name is Ashley. She has a blog named Urban natural where she talks about her natural hair journey, and the bits and pieces in between. Here is a little bit about her...

What made you start to DIY?

"I got started doing DIY and creating on a whim. I love creating and expressing myself so it came pretty easy
I gather inspiration from every where and everyone. Every texture,color and idea can become more elaborate and downright amazing with the right mind."

How long have you been free from the creamy crack?

"I've been natural for 3 years, almost 4. I've bc'd twice."

What is your Afro-Indy Chic style?

"My everyday style is everywhere. One day its rock, the next Bohemian and a little prep somewhere in there. Why not be a different person everyday?"

Something random about yourself?

"One of my favorite things is leopard. Its the only print that describes me perfectly. No two spots are the same and no two days are the same in my life. If I could I would own one of every clothing item in leopard and intermixed it into my wardrobe"


Enjoy and rock your turbans guys! I was really jamming to her background music! And I saw a headwrap JUST LIKE THE FIRST SCARF at goodwill for $2! I guess I need to go snatch that now that I know how to rock it. :P



  1. Woohoo Girl Congrats :D

  2. Tater-Tot-Casserole LOL we had left overs lol they ate it next day also ...
    Hey did you get box?