Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Biggest Loser Challenge - update

Hey guys!

I wanted to post a few thingy things. :)

This is my super healthy breakfast...that just may not be that healthy. Its oatmeal. :) I actually cant stand oatmeal, I just cant deal with the texture. But I've been building a tolerance to it.  I've learned a few things to get around the texture..

1) Go with Rolled Oats. A girlfriend of mine made me realized that the instant stuff is mushy..hence the disgusting texture.

2) Dont over cook it. Or just bake it. I have a few Daniel Fast recipes that made me start to change my mind about this breakfast grain.

3) MAKE IT CHUNKY! I have to add banana's, apples, dried fruit, brown sugar and granola to my oatmeal. Thats why its not as healthy as it probably should be. :) lol.

How do you guys fix your oatmeal?

Hasta UNT!

p.s. I'm making this for dinner. Its Potato Parmesan and Chive crusted Talapia. I'm going to eat a salad with mine, but fix twice baked potatoes for TBG.  Wish me luck..on not screwing it up. lol


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  1. I love love oatmeal! I like mine mushy and chunky!!!! LOL! I love cream of wheat and grits....That tilapia looks great! Post a picture or two of the final product! You know I love me some tilapia :)