Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Tshirt flower clip

Long time no see. :)
A bouquet of flowers I made

So you all know I like to make Casey little hair accessories. And a woman from my son's school asked me to make a batch for her. I remembered to take pictures, so i could share the process with you all. :)

First cut 8 circles out of some type of jersey cloth or tshirt.  The circles can be as small or large as you like. Mine were about 3 inches.

fold the circle in half
Then fold it into quaters. First fold the front then the back.

The petal will look like this when flat.

It will make an S shape.

Glue four petals around a base. Then layer with four more petals.

With the last petal. Roll it so it looks like a swirl. Cut the bottom, then hot glue in the middle.


Okay those instructions are really sucky. I'm rusty.. and I didnt think to take as many pictures. BUT!  HERE is the link for the  instructions I found. :) Just add them to a head band, or a clip.

Hasta UNT!


  1. Looooooove them...
    OH shhhh LOL I am going to have sneak drawing this weekend, no one else knows so delete this lol got you in drawing 2 times

  2. Nice tutorial! If my great neice decides to grow hair, I may make her some of these. Or maybe she will wear them on a headband anyway. I bet the were a hit with the woman at your son's school!