Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hey peeps!

I have recieved two awards. The first award was given to me by ELLE, her blog is DONT SMUDGE!!!!! I shouldve updated this along time ago. But things kinda got mixed up. She presented me with the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD!

I'm not a fashionista, just a chick on a budget. I totally clash with the other moms I'm surrounded by. I actually feel like I'm finally coming into my style too. Elle was a doll for awarding me with this. I feel special. (dramatically touching imagined tears)

Alrighty. On to the next.. Alyssa of Live.Love.Craft. just awarded me with the KREATIV BLOGGER award.

I'm so geeked (excited) that she thought of me. She actually helped me get my blog up and running, when I had no idea what to do with it.

Anywho this award has rules... (if you want to award someone you can. If i awarded you, this is what you need to do to pass it along)

1) Copy the award to your site.
2) Link the person that awarded you.
3)Nominate 7 other bloggers
4)Leave a message on the blogs you nominated

Alright! Alright! Alright! (loud Kevin Hart voice) lol The nominees are as follows.....

1) Renee of Glow Academy

You can always be uplifted in Christ on her blog. She prays, has a themed post that is dedicated for our sons, and husbands. I can go on and on. I simply <3 Renee!

2) LaChristin of Digital Curls

I always have to pop in on her day to day journal on her wieghtloss, and latest infatuations. I relate with her on so many levels. But I really love the fact that she EATS REAL FOOD but watches her portions while she maintains her health.

3) Jessica of Beyond Buckskin

Her blog captured me when she featured an American Indian from the Lumbee Tribe by the name of India. She was modeling with a crown of kinky coily curly hair that just wouldnt stop. I ran through Jessica's blog, and immediatly had to follow it. She post about all sorts of American Indian happenings. Especially the anti Columbus day, in which Dakota celebrates Native American Day. Loved it. Check her out.

4) Erica of  Recycled Fashion.

Its honestly self explainatory. Her site is all about getting something old, revamping it and making it all new. Until you destroy and recreate it again. :)

5) Zeldan + Festus 

I have yet to catch this young lady's name but her blog is fantastic. She has a normal woman's build, curves and all, and she can dress her back side off.  Rather its my taste or not, to me her outfits are never boring.

6) Laura and Tura of Tikitiboo + Ahka Vintage

These two are sisters. Sisters with a different taste in fashion. Its not boring, and pastel, and cookie cutter. They rock.

7) Michelle of A little tipsy

Have you seen my DIY under 5 button? You need to click on it. People link up on her page and share these cheap, wonderful projects. Cheap.. Wonderful.. Project. Need I say more???


Alright I know this post is super long. And there were plenty of other blogs, that i stalk religiously that couldve been up for nominations. But I could only pick 7! Give me a break please. Any who.... Check them out. If you are just now checking me out, enjoy my little corner of cyber space. Follow me. Comment please.

Okay Hasta UNT


  1. EEEEK tytytytyty, I loooove it

  2. Thanks for the award! That makes my night!

  3. squeeeeeee!!! Thank you so much - you have made us so happy by describing us as not 'cookie cutter'! It means a lot! xx
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! xx

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  6. Sorry my first comment got messed up. Thank you so much lady for the love and support by shouting out my blog. This what inspires me to continue to update. This is such a great way to bring light to blogs that many may not have ever come across. Love the support! I will come up with my 7 favs and post today or tomorrow. Thank you again for thinking of me!

  7. You ladies are welcome. Keep up the GREAT work!

  8. congrats on the awards! thanks for all the inspiration you share on your blog!

  9. aWWW THANK YOU! I am glad you like my style and I appreciate the award!!

  10. So many cool peeps to check out! Hopefully I can catch up with your blog and see what you have been up to as well. Congrats on the award !!!